7 Ways to Use Your Plum + Sparrow Baskets this Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and things have finally started warming up! There’s almost this nagging urge to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. In preparation for all of your summer activities, here is a guide to fun summer activities to enjoy with your little one (where you can bring along your Plum + Sparrow baskets, of course! 😉).


1. Our number one recommendation is having a beach day, of course! Pack up all your beach gear and get ready to take on all the sand and sun. Just don’t forget your Moses Basket for a safe place to lay your baby down.


2. You can always have more fun by putting together a play date with your besties! Meet up with your neighborhood mamas or call up your long-time friends for a park playdate. There’s nothing better than having your baby be BFFs with your BFFs baby! 


3. Put together your favorite treats and set out for a picnic! Whether it’s at the park, the lake, or even your backyard, picnics are always a fun way to get out and mix up your usual routine. Check out this reel to see the 4 steps to planning the perfect picnic ✨ https://www.instagram.com/reel/CPHbkeWjTBF/


4. Your little ones would love to go pick flowers! Our Market Baskets are perfect for collecting those blossoms. Plus you could put together a pretty bouquet for your home.


5. It's always so special to have a girl’s day on the town! Get your Shoppers and Market Baskets ready for a day of brunch, shopping, and exploring!


6. A fun family activity for all ages is going for a bike ride! Add a baby seat onto your bike to bring along your little ones! PS) these Bike Baskets are on sale!


7. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, go on a road trip in an RV or trailer! And if you’re brave enough, you could even go camping! Our Moses Baskets are PERFECT for traveling with a little one!

Hoping your summer is filled with many sunny days! Let us know which activities are your favorite, and what you think we should add to our summer bucket list!

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