We are so excited for you to receive your Plum + Sparrow basket! There are a few things to remember. When we ship your baskets, some of them are not shaped. Don't worry, shaping them is fast and easy.

If you have ordered the Plum + Sparrow Moses Basket, we have shaped those for you before we mailed them. Unfortunately, sometimes during the shipping process, they can get a little out of shape. Best way to straighten out any kinks is to wet the areas of the basket that need fixing with hot water, place on flat surface and then lightly hand mold the basket to an even shape. If you have purchased the basket as a gift, we recommend removing the tags before wetting and then reattaching them after the basket is reshaped and dried. 

If you have ordered the Plum + Sparrow Market Baskets you will start by wetting the basket with hot water on both sides. Be sure to wet the whole surface. Allow the water to soak in. Allowing the water to completely soak in makes the basket very pliable. Shake off the excess water and place the basket down on a flat surface for shaping. Push out the basket and roll it out twice. The entire shaping process takes just a few minutes once you get the hang of it.

Using a larger sink or bath tub works really well when reshaping the baskets. Be sure to allow baskets to completely dry before use.