Nurseries as Unique as You Are

In the realm of motherhood, every mom's style is as unique as the love she holds for her little one. Understanding this, Plum & Sparrow's artisan baskets are designed to celebrate the individuality of each family, offering the perfect blend of functionality, beauty, and comfort. Our handmade Moses Baskets and changing baskets are not just baby items; they're a canvas for personal expression, adaptable to a myriad of nursery styles. Here's how our baskets beautifully fit into every mom's vision of the perfect nursery:

1. Clean & Bright

For the mom who loves a touch of simplicity with a bright, inviting space, our baskets effortlessly complement a clean and bright nursery. Imagine soft, natural light spilling over a serene palette of whites and soft pastels, with our basket nestling quietly, a testament to understated beauty.

Photo Credit: @myinjenuity on Instagram

2. Frilly & Feminine

The frilly and feminine nursery, adorned with delicate textures and soft hues, finds a kindred spirit in our baskets. For the mom who embraces grace and gentleness, this style is a celebration of all things tender and joyful in motherhood.

Photo Credit: @devanedesign on Instagram

3. Moody & Eclectic

Eclectic moms, with their love for blending styles, colors, and patterns, will find our baskets to be the perfect anchor in a moody and eclectic nursery. The unique, artisan craftsmanship of each basket stands out amidst the rich, bold backgrounds and diverse textures.

Photo Credit: @aubreycraighome on Instagram

4. Playful & Fun

For the mom who imagines a nursery bursting with colors, patterns, and joy, our baskets add both functionality and a whimsical touch. Playful and fun, this nursery style is a reflection of the happiness and laughter that awaits.

Photo Credit: @ms.onglo on Instagram

5. Traditional & Minimal

The traditional and minimal nursery, with its timeless elegance and understated decor, is the perfect setting for our baskets. For the mom who values heritage and simplicity, our baskets are a seamless addition, embodying both classic beauty and modern practicality.

Photo Credit: @saraclaiborne on Instagram

6. Luxe & Neutral

Luxurious yet neutral, this nursery style speaks to the mom who loves to blend sophistication with warmth. Our baskets, with their natural materials and fine craftsmanship, add a touch of artisanal luxury to any opulent and serene nursery setting.

Photo Credit: @madeline_devaux on Instagram

7. Coastal & Airy

For the mom who dreams of soft, sandy hues and the calmness of the coast, a coastal and airy nursery is a breath of fresh air. Our baskets, light and crafted by hand, evoke the peacefulness and freedom of the seaside, making every moment with your baby a serene escape.

Photo Credit: @kaitlynoelle on Instagram

At Plum & Sparrow, we believe that every nursery is a special haven, a place of love, dreams, and cherished moments. Our baskets, each with its own story, are crafted not just to be a part of your nursery but to be a part of your journey in motherhood. Embracing all styles, from the clean and bright to the moody and eclectic, they stand as a testament to the unique beauty of every family's love.


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