Plum + Sparrow: from Bath to Bed Time

We understand how bath + bed time can be tricky with your newborn, but we know just what can help. Our new bath products are designed to help make your baby's bath experience even better than before! AND when it comes to getting them to sleep, we also have just the right products for you 🥰

Here’s our quick and easy guide to using Plum + Sparrow products to make the most of bath & bed time. 

Step 1: Pull out your Organizer Bag 

Our new organizer bags are perfect for holding your bath products! Use it to store your baby hair brush, washcloths, lotion or soap. With the exterior being waterproof, the inside being spacious and having the option of machine washable, it is everything you need!


Step 2: Use our Sink Bather 

The perfect addition to help make your sweet babe feel comfortable and it fits nicely in any bathroom or sink! All you have to do is fill up the sink/bath with warm water, suction the bather & place your baby in, wash your little one like normal, and hang your sink bather to dry. Our sink bathers provide a warm + cozy alternative to plastic bathers. The best part is that the fabric is antibacterial, lightweight, and fast-drying.


Step 3: Dry your babe off with our Hooded Towel 

Wrap your little one in luxury after bathtime. The hooded towels are the perfect accessory to keep them comfy, cozy and warm. They are light and breathable for quicker drying! Grab them in 3 different colors here.


Step 4: Grab your Changing Basket

Pamper your babe by using our changing basket to keep them comfortable while lathering on baby lotion and getting them dressed. Try providing a gentle massage while using our Baby Brush. It’s made from 100% natural goat hair and beech tree wood - comfortable for even the most sensitive scalps! 


Step 5: Bed time in a Moses Basket 

End the day by placing your baby in our wheatgrass moses basket! Trust us, they will love how comfortable it is, especially with a Nest Lounger! No moses basket is complete without a stand. Rock them to sleep with the Rocking Bassinet Stand- now including a brake to stop the rocking when it’s time to sleep.

We’ve put so much effort into making your bathtime-to-bedtime routine as smooth as possible! Check out our newest video showing you what your evening routine could look like with Plum + Sparrow!


P + S // film shoot from Kaitlyn Stone on Vimeo.

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