Self Care Sunday with Andrea Faulker Williams of Tubby Todd

We caught up with Mama & Entrepreneur Andrea Faulkner Williams to chat about her recent book all about self care for Mothers & her top 3 Self Care practices.   


Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind writing "You've Got This Mama——Ideas for Taking Care of Yourself While You're Taking Care of Your Little Ones" ?: 

A: I've always loved the Tubby Todd Mama community. Not only do they fiercely support our brand, but through their questions, comments and commitment to our brand we have seen how much they love their little ones.

"A mom to three and a business owner, I am worn out (most of!) every single day! My heart is with the women who shop our products because I am experiencing their daily battles as a mama."

"You've Got This Mama——Ideas for Taking Care of Yourself While You're Taking Care of Your Little Ones" is a full color, hand-illustrated, self care guide for mamas of all ages filled with self-exploration activities and essays. It provides exercises, tools, and personal anecdotes (from me!) to help busy moms find the mental, emotional, and physical strength they need to navigate the mysterious world of self care. 

Q: What are your top 3 favorite ways to practice self care?

A:  1. Journaling! This prompted so much of the book because it pushed me to create something that would bring out the thoughts of the mama community, opposed to just reading advise from other women the book prompts them to write what they already know.  

2. Taking a bath. I know... seems so obvious but it is the TRUTH. 

3. A date with my husband. We work together, raise three wild babies together and so date nights are a must and so, so helpful for my sanity.


Big thanks to Andrea for sharing some inspiration with us! Keep an eye on our Instagram tomorrow for a Self Care giveaway including Andrea’s new book! 

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