The Eras of Plum & Sparrow

Happy 2024! The New Year always gets us in our feels & causes us to reflect on the past. And this year, we can’t shake the thought that more than anything, Motherhood teaches us that there is a time and season for everything and that all of those different eras are worthy of celebration! 

So whether you’re in your sleepless newborn era, cleaning the kitchen floor 20 times a day era, potty training era, carpool era, or empty-nester era WE ARE SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE. And we hope you take some time to pat yourself on the back because, frankly, you *deserve* it. 

In the spirit of celebrating ALL eras, we’re taking a walk down memory lane and highlighting the Eras of Plum & Sparrow. Are you ready for it?! 

Debut Era  


Plum & Sparrow started 8 years ago when our owner, Dianna, was gifted a Moses Basket for her youngest. She immediately realized how useful these baskets were and wanted every mom to have one IMMEDIATELY. She set to work, visiting a community of weavers in Ghana and setting up fair trade practices for these incredible works of art and hasn’t looked back. 

Color-Loving Era 


One of the perks of working with our incredibly talented artisans is that weaving is an art form that has been passed down through their families for generations. Their creativity and designs are stunning and during this era, we fully embraced color. Pieces released during this time were bold, heirloom-quality and bright Artisan collections. If you look closely on our website, you can still find a few of these gems for sale.

Neutrals Era 

Embracing a more modern feel, we entered our neutral era, turning out classic pieces that will always be in style. Designed to complement any home, our neutral era collections are the type of basket you will want to hand down to your grandchildren. While we are slowly introducing more color back into our designs, you will always be able to find neutral staples representative of this era at Plum & Sparrow. 

Back to our Roots Era 

After a visit to Ghana to form our fair trade co-op, we fell in love again with the creative process of weaving and COLOR. That started a sort of revival, sending us back to our roots! During this era, we launched multiple colorful collections, including our checkered collection, our colored collection and our colorful handles collection. And even though we’ve moved on to different focuses this year, you’ll be seeing the effects of this era on our designs for years to come. 

Current Era - Nursery Reveal Era 

We have BIG plans for 2024. The more time we spend with this community, the more we want to give back! For the past few years we’ve gifted nurseries here and there, but this year we are going all in with plans to give back to multiple families. We hope you’ll follow along and fall in love with the beautiful stories of these incredible people.

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