Embracing the Outdoors with Plum + Sparrow

There is a natural beauty that comes from spending time outdoors as a family, and we believe our baskets are the perfect addition to any outdoor experience. We want to call all mamas to action, prioritizing time in nature to have a break from the bustling world of social media and FOMO. 

Market baskets 

(Photo by @lindseyleeandco on Instagram)

A great way to start to embrace the outdoors is by having an at-home garden! Market baskets are exactly what you need when picking vegetables, whether you need a small basket for a few sprouts or a large basket for a slew of carrots. 


(Photo by @dianna.barton, owner of Plum + Sparrow, on Instagram) 

Dianna, the owner of Plum + Sparrow loves to use her baskets in everyday life, especially outdoors where she can embrace those memories! Market baskets are also just right for picnics and playtime with the family! 


(Photo by @poderosasmaes on Instagram)

And don’t worry - Our market baskets aren’t only for you! They are perfect for children to play with, using the baskets to carry all their little goodies! Whether going on a forest adventure, preparing for a picnic, or strawberry picking, our market baskets are up for the task! 

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Shopper baskets 

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Not only do we have baskets perfect for your little ones to carry things around in—but we also have shopper baskets for you to enjoy! These shopper baskets are perfect for trips to the market or the local grocery store. If you’re wanting to find the cutest reusable shopping bag to help save the environment, bring along your Plum + Sparrow shopper so you don’t have to use plastic bags! 


(Photo by @beautyandbabyclub on Instagram)

Plum and Sparrow shoppers are also great for beach trips because they’re big enough to hold towels, books, snacks, or anything else you need to bring! 

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Moses Baskets 

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Our shopper baskets aren’t the only product we have that’s great for the beach! Be sure to bring along your Moses basket so your babe can take a nap or enjoy the breeze in a comfy space. Moses baskets are the perfect napping spot for wherever you travel—whether you’re at the beach, park, desert, or even in your backyard.  

(Photo by @bricostello on Instagram)

Besides napping, Moses baskets are a great place for little besties to hang out! Who needs a chair when you’ve got a basket?! Plus it makes for some cute special moments between siblings like this! 

(Photo by @meg_ashworth on Instagram)

And the greatest thing about Moses baskets in the outdoors is how it makes for special family moments. You can keep all your little ones close while using Plum and Sparrow Moses baskets, and there’s truly nothing sweeter than time spent with family! 

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As mamas, we can all take the next step of embracing the outdoors and experiencing the peace nature brings. Be sure to share your experience as you embrace the outdoors with Plum + Sparrow!