Real & Raw- embracing it all in 2019

This is Motherhood, for real though...

When I started Plum+Sparrow, one of my main objectives was to build a community for women and mothers where we could all come together to help, uplift, guide and console one another. It's the reason Sparrow is part of the name! To represent the unity and support that birds share and give to one another, never doing it on their own.

This is one of the reasons I am so excited to ramp up our "For Real Though" mama facebook page, so we know we're not doing this alone. 


Now if I'm being "real + raw" with you all, we actually launched this page over a year ago and hit the ground running with it.....but, then life happened. Truth is I became completely overwhelmed last year. My little family and I went through some hardships and personal loss. I was struggling to balance the needs of my family (which is most important) and the needs of P+S. I found myself shying away from putting my all in and opening up and sharing this journey with you all. I did the opposite of what I hope this mama community will blossom into. I should've shared the sadness and grief with you. I should've shared that these trials and experiences hit us harder than we realized.

My hope in 2019 is that we can create a safe intimate place for us as mamas, wives, partners and women to come and connect, share stories,
get / give advice and “just be” with other mothers.
I know first hand the Mama struggle is real, just being able to chat with like minded mothers, get some support and have an adult conversation isn’t always the easiest with a little one (or four ) on your hip.
YOU are why we are here mamas!


So wether you bottle or breastfeed, had a natural birth or epidural, baby wear or don't, have 1 kid or 7, have suffered infant loss, struggle with
infertility, juggling IVF, trying to conceive or have #4 in the oven,
have it all together or are a hot mess... you are a Mother.
I see you, love you & are here for you.
Let’s get this party started! 

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