3 Reasons Why a Mini Moses is the Perfect Toy

Looking for a special gift for your little one? We have just what you need! 😍

Our Mini Moses baskets are a great way to help your toddler transition to being an older sibling! Here are 3 reasons why our Mini Moses is the perfect toy for your toddler:

1. Prepare for New Baby

Having a new baby join the family isn’t just hard for the parents- it’s difficult for your other children as well! They can deal with jealousy and start to revert to infant behavior to get more of your attention. 

Our Mini Moses Baskets can make a big difference in helping with this transition. Your toddler can mimic your behavior with your full sized Moses Basket and feel more included with feedings, diaper changes, and swaddling!


2. Heirloom Quality

Our Mini Moses baskets go through the same process as our full-sized Moses Baskets. They are hand-woven in Africa and only shipped after careful evaluation from our specialists. Because of this, these baskets are one-of-a-kind and have the long-lasting quality that can easily turn into an heirloom piece!


3. Not a toy to hide away

I’m not sure about you guys- but my favorite toys are the ones that don’t make the house feel like a mess. I find myself throwing the colorful, loud toys in the closet over and over again and shutting the door- because the clutter just adds a hectic feel to the house. 

Our Mini Moses are so beautiful and versatile that you never have to feel like you need to “put it away.” Having it out, along with your full-sized Moses Basket, ADDS to your home, not takes away from it!


As if we need another reason to love the Mini Moses, we also have mini moses baskets in neutral wheatgrass and in every Signature Moses Basket pattern! This way your Mini Moses can match your Moses Basket! 

Here’s just a few of our Signature Mini Moses Baskets- tap the image to shop!

It’s too hard to even pick a favorite! Next time your little one wants to play with their stuffed animals or baby dolls, they’ll have the perfect place to put them. This is a great gift for daughters, sons, nieces, nephews—so shop for all upcoming birthdays for the kids in your life! 

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