Gift Guide for the Pregnant Mamas in Your Life

What do (pregnant) girls want??

Sounds like a simple question, but that’s not always an easy question to answer. But don’t worry- I’ve gathered my FAVORITE tried-and-true gifts for your pregnant friends (or a Christmas list to send to your spouse 😉)

Here are some of my personal favorite gifts for mamas-to-be, ALL hand-picked from small shops!

  1. Plum + Sparrow Moses basket and bassinet stand: Such a functional + beautiful addition to any master bedroom or nursery! 

  2. Solly Baby wrap: If you haven’t tried these yet, JUST TRUST ME. Such a game changer!

  3. Tubby Todd lotion and body wash: I love their all-natural ingredients that are effective and gentle on baby skin.

  4. Cuddle + Kind stuffed animals: Not only are they the absolute cutest, they also give back with every purchase!

  5. Plum + Sparrow changing basket: I especially love our changing baskets because they are SO versatile to use, even after baby outgrows diapers

  6. Sunflower Motherhood postpartum box: The best gift to take care of the new mama in your life!

  7. Airloombaby mobile: Gorgeous, simple, and one of my favorite small shops!

  8. Briar Baby bonnets: Cute + classic for both boys and girls

  9. Saranoni blanket: Officially the softest blanket EVER. Enough said. 

  10. Gathre mats: Not only are they so pretty, they are easy to wipe down and so functional!

  11. Nugget play couch: These couches are gaining popularity for a reason- they are comfy + look nice, but act as a toy!

  12. Brave Little Ones : I personally love their line of baby clothes!

  13. Frida Peri Bottle: Must-need for any postpartum mom! 

  14. Plain Jane pajamas: the softest + simplest pajamas that are totally a favorite of mine.

  15. Plum + Sparrow swaddles: Last but not least, our swaddles are light, soft, and come in so many gorgeous hues!

I hope you love these gift ideas, and that this makes the upcoming baby shower or Christmas shopping stress-free! 

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