Creating the Perfect Bedtime Routine

When you become a mom, sleep starts to feel a little like a pipe dream. But with a little planning and the right products, you can optimize your nighttime routine to ensure both you and your little one drift off to dreamland with ease. Let's delve into the secrets of a cozier nighttime with Plum & Sparrow products. 

Relax with a bath. 

Bathing your baby can be an excellent way to help them calm down, relax and get ready to rest! And bath time has never been better than it is when you use Plum & Sparrow bath products. 

Our organic sink bathers are contoured to fit comfortably in standard bathroom and kitchen sinks ++ the bathtub! Perfect for littles who cannot sit up yet, this will help your baby stay nice and cozy all bath time long. 

Made of 100% muslin cotton, our washcloths and hooded towels are softer than soft on your baby’s skin. Ensuring they stay warm and extremely comfy - helping make the transition from bath to bed smoother. 

Snuggle in for bedtime. 

Once baby is all dried off, massage them with lotion, dress them in jammies and swaddle them up with one of our beautiful breathable swaddles! This will provide security with just the right amount of snugness, helping them drift off to sleep. 

If your little is out of the swaddle stage, you can opt for wrapping your kiddo up with one of our knitted blankets. Soft and warm, these blankets are perfect bedtime companions for long, restful nights.

Drift off to sleep. 

At this point in the routine, your baby is ready to be laid down in their moses basket! Our soft, adorable & breathable sheets complete the cozy basket to help your baby feel comfortable all night long.

Sing a song or read a book to your baby, then give hugs and kisses. Place them in their basket on their sturdy and safe bassinet stand and say goodnight! They’ll be out like a light in no time (and easily accessible for those late night wake ups). 


Tips for perfecting your bedtime routine. 

  1. Consistency is Key: Stick to a regular bedtime! Over time, this signals to your baby that it's time to wind down.
  2. Engage in Calming Activities: A gentle lullaby, a soft rocking motion, or even reading a story can help your baby relax.
  3. Create a Comforting Environment: Dim the lights and ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature.Consider using a sound machine to block out extra noise. 
  4. Stay Calm and Relaxed: Babies pick up on our energy. If you're calm and relaxed, it's more likely your baby will be too.
  5. Trust the Process: Some nights will be easier than others. Remember that every baby is unique. With patience and consistency, you'll find what works best for you both.
  6. Choose products you trust & love that will help you and your baby feel comfortable all night long.

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