Creating Your *Dream* Bundle

Choosing products for your baby is one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant! Baby things are just SO cute and it’s immensely fun to imagine your little bundle of joy using it all. And thankfully at Plum & Sparrow you can find baby products that fit your vibe & aesthetic, seamlessly incorporating into your life without fuss. 

So today, we’re theoretically handing you the mic so you can build your DREAM bundle for baby.  Let’s be honest, you really cannot go wrong with any combo, but we are dying to know what you’ll choose! 


Moses Basket

A timeless classic, the moses basket provides a cozy, secure space for your baby. Choose one that mirrors your style – be it minimalist chic, boho vibes, or vintage charm. Shop our full collection of Moses Baskets on our website! 

Bassinet Stand 

This is all about functionality meeting design!  Think of where it will be placed in your home, and how it complements your interiors. And now imagine a snoozing little baby inside (so. freaking. cute!) With 3 styles to choose from in 3 different colorways, you're sure to find a stand you LOVE. You can shop all stands, here

CHOOSE (at least) ONE: 

While you *technically* only need 1 of each of these, you’ll definitely WANT more. With scads of gorgeous colors and swoon-worthy designs, you’re going to want to add a couple of extras to your bundle. That way you always have one that fits your mood && can save you from a sticky blowout situation. 

Nest Lounger + Cover

Perfectly cozy, the nest lounger fits securely into your Moses Basket and is where your baby will spend a lot of their time! The cover you choose can be a splash of color or a subtle shade, setting the tone for your baby's surroundings. Take a peek at more nest lounger cover colorways


Ridiculously soft and so darling, these sheets are not just about colors and patterns (although, they WIN in those categories, too). Shop our whole sheet collection! 


The art of swaddling is age-old, providing comfort and a sense of security to newborns. Whether you opt for solid shades or fun prints, our swaddles are breathable and gentle on your baby's skin. Choose your favorite swaddle from our website and add to your bundle! 

Crafting your dream bundle is more than just choosing products – it's about creating an environment filled with love and care for your baby! It's a reflection of your tastes, your dreams, and the world you want to introduce to your little one. At Plum & Sparrow, we offer an array of choices to ensure every parent can find items that resonate with their vision. So, dive in, mix and match, and curate a bundle that will become a part of your cherished memories. 

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