From Wheatgrass to Your Doorstep

Today we’re sharing the process of how your handcrafted Plum & Sparrow Moses Basket is created from wheatgrass in Ghana to heirloom-quality products in your home! 

  1. First, the Plum & Sparrow team meets with our co-op in Ghana, Africa to discuss design options. We work directly with these talented artisans through a co-op that we founded. This allows us to ensure each artisan is being paid above fair-trade wages - helping to support their families, provide healthcare and aid in their children's education. 
  2. Because we believe in and are so thankful for the traditional skill of our weavers, who are generational experts at what they do, we often don’t direct the weavers to produce certain color patterns. To keep their tradition alive, we give them creative freedom, as the true artists, to produce these pieces of art as they feel inspired. This results in a true one-of-a-kind item, not replicated or mass-produced, that will forever be a part of your home.
  3. Once the weavers are finished creating your baskets, they are shipped via freighter to the US and then transported to our warehouse in Utah. 
  4. After it arrives in Utah, it undergoes a quality check. Each basket is hand-shaped and inspected for loose wheatgrass that is trimmed so it doesn’t snag sensitive skin. When the initial checks are over, each basket is cleaned and poms are added!  Any baskets that have minor imperfections are listed at a discounted price on our “perfectly imperfect” tab on our website while all other perfect baskets are listed normally. 
  5. Then, you purchase your handcrafted Moses Basket. Our fulfillment team preps it with the mattress and basket liner that are included along with any other parts of your order. Your products are then shipped to you or available for local pick up in our warehouse! 

There you have it! The very pared-down version of how your Moses Basket goes from wheatgrass in Ghana to a beautiful heirloom product in your homes.

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