Discover Your Child's Love Language This Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to understand the unique ways our children experience and express love! Just like adults, children have their own 'love languages' — specific ways they prefer to receive and show love. This Valentine's Day, let's give our kiddos what they need and show them how loved they really are! 

I saw something on Instagram the other day that has stuck with me. It listed a bunch of common motherhood scenarios and why your child might be acting a certain way. 

Like maybe your child doesn’t stop talking all day because their love language is Words of Affirmation. 

Maybe your child isn’t lazy when they ask you to bring them a toy from a few feet away - their love language might just be Acts of Service. 

What if your child only seems clingy because their love language is physical touch? 

Or they want you to play on the floor with them all day because their love language is quality time. 

And when they ask for a little something at the grocery store each week, it’s because their love language is receiving gifts. 

I loved this perspective and it made me stop and wonder what my kids’ love languages are and how I can best help them feel the love I have for them. 

Here’s a few steps to take to figure out what your kiddo’s love languages might be! 

  1. Observe your child and what their constant asks are. 
  2. Experiment with different expressions of love! Try out different ways to show them you love them and pay attention to how they respond. 
  3. Ask them questions that will help you understand them better - what were some of their favorite memories? What do they love doing with you the most. This can be insightful in helping you understand what their love languages are. 
  4. Be patient and flexible! It may take some time to figure out what they need and, spoiler alert, it may change as they grow! 

This Valentine's Day, take the opportunity to discover and nurture your child's love language. It's a gift that goes beyond chocolates and flowers – it's about building a foundation of love, understanding, and connection that will support their emotional growth for years to come!

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