Mini Holiday Gift Guides

We’re starting our holiday shopping early here at Plum + Sparrow and wanted to share our favorite finds for everyone on your list - from the expectant mama to excited big siblings. Check them out below (and don’t forget to snag your Plum + Sparrow goodies during our Black Friday Sale this week)! 


For the Expecting Mama: 

  1. Plum + Sparrow Wall Plates - perfect for the nesting mom. Help her decorate the nursery walls or provide the perfect landing spot for binkies and the other tiny baby things that will soon overrun the house.
  2. Comfy outfit - clothes that will get her through pregnancy and seamlessly transition into postpartum.
  3. Mama necklace - help her celebrate this new part of her identity with the prettiest accessory.
  4. Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler - help her keep hydrated with this spill-proof and insulated water bottle in her favorite color.
  5. Saranoni blanket - give her something to cuddle up with while she waits for baby to arrive. 

For the New Mama: 

  1. Plum + Sparrow Moses Basket, Bassinet Stand and Nest lounger - give mama somewhere cozy and safe (not to mention cute) to put baby down for a rest or daily photoshoot! 
  2. Tripod - make it easier to capture those precious motherhood moments with this remote controlled tripod! 
  3. Claw Clips - help her feel put together with this super easy hair style. 
  4. Walli Case - Make sure she doesn’t drop her phone on baby’s face while taking her 10,000th picture of the day. 
  5. Kindle - night feedings can get long - give her something to make those hours go by faster with an e-reader for entertainment!

For Your Little One: 

  1. Plum + Sparrow Bath Set - make bath time cozier for your baby with our bather, towels and washcloths. 
  2. Plum + Sparrow Swaddle - help baby feel secure and warm with a soft swaddle in a gorgeous color. 
  3. Lou Lou & Co Layette Set - keep baby comfy in a cute outfit perfect for lounging around and smiling at the camera. 
  4. Ryan and Rose Pacifiers - give baby something to soothe themselves that won’t ruin mom’s aesthetic. 
  5. Cuddle & Kind - gift baby a cuddly friend that will stand the test of time and give back to the community. Bonus points - animals come in Little and Regular sizes so you can buy a matching cuddler for big siblings!

For the Big Sibling: 

  1. Plum + Sparrow Mini Moses Basket - a great addition to your playroom! Give big brother or sister a basket like baby’s and let their imagination do the rest. 
  2. Plum + Sparrow Knitted Blanket - everyone deserves to feel warm and cozy this winter. Give your kiddo something soft to cuddle up in. 
  3. Yoto Player - keep kids entertained with their favorite stories while parents are taking care of baby or getting dinner on the table.
  4. Plum + Sparrow Organizer Bag - stuff the bag full of art supplies or snacks to give siblings something to do in the car or while mama is helping baby. 
  5. Grandpa Beck’s Card Game - to play with mom & dad for a little one on one time! 

For the New Dad: 

  1. Plum + Sparrow Market Baskets - help dad keep the house clean by providing convenient places to put diapering necessities and other baby items quickly. 
  2. Coop Pillow - give dad the gift of comfier sleep - trust us, he’ll need it. 
  3. Pura - get rid of the smell of dirty diapers and replace it with something delightful (at the convenience of his phone) 
  4. Andar Wallet - help free up dad’s hands for carrying all the kid things. Extra credit if the wallet comes with polaroids of his favorite kiddos. 
  5. Chomps Jerkey - gift dad a collection of snacks to keep him going through the long days of fatherhood.

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