Your perfect guide to an apple picking outing

Looking for a family friendly fall activity? October is one of the best times to go apple picking. Follow our guide to ensure a fun outing you and your family will be sure to enjoy!


  1. Find an orchard

Your first step is to find a nearby orchard! We recommend researching what type of apples you are looking for whether that is organic, conventional or low spray apples. Call your local orchard to make sure they have your type of apple and set up a time to go (if needed)!


2. Pack a picnic bag full of snacks and drinks

Sometimes your local orchard will have a snack shack. If not, pack a bag full of snacks and drinks! Don’t forget a blanket, so you can have a little picnic while taking in the autumn air and the beautiful view of the orchard!

3. Grab your market basket

You’ll want a bag to place your apples in and we know just what you need! Our hand woven market baskets are perfect for apple picking. They also will make for a cute storage place to set them on your kitchen table!

4. Start picking

Apple picking isn’t too tricky but there are some best practices. Avoid apples on the ground or with bruising! Pick the apple by giving the stem a little twist and be sure to not shake the branches. Lastly, always be gentle when placing them into your basket!

5. Make some treats with your fresh apples

The best part is baking up some yummy treats with your fresh fruit. Make caramel apples with the kids! Bake an apple pie or cobbler for Sunday dinner! Try something new and bake apple cider donuts. The possibilities truly are endless!

We hope you had some fun looking over our apple picking guide! Make sure to get in on the fun before they are out of season. Let us know if you have any other tips and tricks to add!



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