Nursery Organization Tips

Having an organized nursery is so important because let’s face it, with a baby comes a lot of stuff!

From onesies to socks, diapers and wipes, the list goes on. Having a place for all the things will help you during quick diaper changes, constant changing of clothes, and midnight feedings. 

If you’re expecting, here are some ideas to help you create a neat and organized nursery!

The first part of the nursery organization process you’ll want to start with is finding a solution for all of the baby clothes. 

The two key areas for clothing storage are obviously the closet and dresser. First, decide which clothes you can fold. Use the top drawer of your dresser to store onesies, pants, pajamas, swaddles and socks, if you have the room. It’s helpful to use small dividers to organize each of these types of clothing. Rolling the clothes will keep them neat and allow you to see each one.

In the closet, hang the baby clothes that don’t fold nicely. Sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts are all better hung in the closet. You may decide to also hang up clothes that are the next size up until your baby is big enough to fit that size. This will free up space in the dresser for clothing they fit now and will make it easier to see what you already have in the next size.

Next up is essentials like diapers, wipes and creams. If possible, keep these items organized in the top drawer of the dresser or changing table. Using small dividers and/or bins will help keep each of these organized.  In addition to using a dresser to store diapers, you might also want a caddy or cart that can move from room to room. This will make diaper changes on the spot a lot easier.

Lastly, what about all the toys and books?  Storing toys in baskets is a great way to 

keep them organized. Use a basket appropriate for the size of the toy. For books, keep them on a shelf or in a basket or bin.  Label one of the bins “keepsakes” so that you can use it for special items.

What are your best nursery organization tips?


Sarah Joy Schmidt

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