Secret Uses for Swaddles You Never Thought Of (But Wish You Had!)

If you’ve ever asked a friend for baby product recommendations, chances are you’ve been told emphatically that you needed a good swaddle (& they don’t come better than Plum & Sparrow’s)! But if you’re anything like me, you probably wondered why everyone was so obsessed with a blanket?? Now, as a mom of 2, I can tell you the truth: swaddles are SO MUCH MORE than *just* a blanket. Let’s chat about the many roles our tried & true swaddles can play in the day-to-day. 

Breastfeeding Cover 

A baby comes with a lot of stuff & extra logistics and sometimes society convinces you you’ll need a carseat cover, a nursing cover, a blanket, blah, blah, blah. But here’s the deal - your Plum & Sparrow swaddle can be ALL of those things so you don’t have to lug around a bunch of bulky items. So when it’s time to nurse, if you want to cover up our swaddle has got you covered—literally. Light, breathable, and roomy, our swaddles give you and your baby privacy without the stuffiness (and extra bulk) of traditional covers.

Ginormous Burp Cloth

We’ve all been there — baby’s fed, looking adorable, and then comes the burp... and oh, so much more. Swaddles to the rescue! They're big enough to catch spills, spits, and everything in between, saving the day (and your outfit). Plus you don’t have to carry extra swatches of cloth around - you’ll already have what you need! 

Bathtime Bonus

Forget the rubber duckies; your swaddle is about to make a splash as the ultimate bath-time assistant! We love to drape it over baby in the tub to help keep them cozy and warm while they’re getting washed - being exposed to the cold air is the worst! If you don’t want to get it wet, you can lay it close by for a quick wrap-up post-bath, or use it to cushion hard surfaces so they don’t get a bathtime bonk. 

Playtime Companion 

Who needs a mountain of toys when a swaddle can bring so much laughter? Play peek-a-boo, fan baby with it, or just enjoy tummy time on its soft expanse. It's playtime made simple and soft! 

Emergency Diaper

Okay, I kind of wish this weren’t a use I had experience with, but here we are. A blow out on a road trip led to fashioning our swaddle into a makeshift diaper. Soft, absorbent, and always on hand, it's the perfect emergency backup when you're fresh out of diapers. And bonus - it washed out beautifully! 

Really truly, swaddles do it all! So next time someone tells you to register for a few swaddles, make sure you listen! Our 100% cotton muslin swaddles are soft, breathable, and come in the prettiest colors. They’re crafted to handle all the cuddles, chaos, and everything that comes with motherhood. Whether it's mealtime, playtime, or those just-in-case times, our swaddles have you covered in every possible way!

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