Valentines Activities to do with your Littles this year!

Happy love week, mamas! Holidays can be such a fun & magical experience with your littles - but sometimes it just feels stressful? We get it, you want to do something fun to make it memorable for you & your little loves but you don’t know where to start! So this week we’re rounding up a few of our team’s favorite valentine’s traditions for you to steal. We hope you’ll find some fun inspo and have a great week making memories with those you love most! 

Kick love day off with a fun breakfast! 

Whether you make heart shaped pancakes, serve red fruit with their eggs, sprinkle pink sprinkles onto their yogurt or pick up donuts from the local bakery - this is a fun and simple tradition that can be adapted to your needs. It doesn’t take a lot of effort & your kiddos are sure to love it! 

Bake a sweet treat together. 

We usually make heart shaped sugar cookies (we are obsessed with this easy recipe!) and then decorate with frosting and sprinkles. But if you’re feeling a little more low-key this year, the tear & bake Pillsbury cookies with heart designs are an easy delicious win, too. It doesn’t matter how intense (or not) the activity is, your little one is going to love spending time with you - and eating the sweet treat at the end! 

Do a Valentines craft! 

This can be elaborate like making your own valentines, finger painting flowers, or making cute little love bugs! Or you can take it down a notch and let them color a printable valentines coloring page from google. Whatever you have the bandwidth for is going to feel special, I promise. 

Cuddle during a family movie night. 

There is nothing my kids love more than a movie night at the end of the day. Snuggle up with blankets, special treats and turn on your favorite family movie (or episode of Bluey). Your kids are going to talk about this one for days! 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to show your kiddos how much you love them - but that doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself out in the process! Give yourself some grace and spend some quality time with your littles - even if it’s just playing trucks on the floor, they’re going to love you for your efforts.

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