Hot Mess Mama - A Message From our Founder

My name is Dianna and I am a “hot mess” mom. Yes it’s true! The best part is, not only am I okay with that, I embrace it.

I am the mother that may forget pajama day at school, doesn’t have a home cooked meal every night, and brings store bought muffins to the school bake sale.I am also the mother that will kiss away the booboos, sleep sitting straight up all night to relieve the discomfort of my sick kid, dance around the kitchen like a crazy lady with my kids and let her four year old daughter practice her make up skills on her face everyday (occasionally forgetting her make up was done by a 4 year old and accidentally going out in public).

For awhile, I struggled with embracing this mom stereotype of myself. But as I’ve slowly embraced it, I’ve realized it allows me to learn and grow from all the other mama types around me. I appreciate and love all the working moms, the stay at home moms. The bottle feeding mothers and the mamas that breast-feed until their child is 3. Those mothers that are so organized that they have 2020 already planned and those mamas who aren’t sure what day of the week it is.....guilty.

We are a sisterhood United by motherhood. We can learn so much from each other. So I challenge you mamas to embrace the kind of mother you are! Don’t try to be anyone else and continue to #motheryourownway

xo - Dianna (a.k.a “hot mess” mom)

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I love this Hot Mess Mama!! Thank you for your honesty and the reminder that I’m not the only one that doesn’t have her shiz together.

Holly D. May 06, 2020

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