REAL + RAW // Madden’s Miracle

On June 30, 2020, Hannah and Dallin took their precious baby, Madden, off life support.

Perfect baby Madden was born June 18th, and went home healthy as can be. About a week later, they took him to the hospital. He was very, very sick. He was having seizures and his liver was failing. They fought to keep him alive and healthy, with support and prayers from people around the world. A few days later, they made the incredibly hard decision to let their precious baby Madden go back home to heaven.

On the 30th of each month, Hannah and Dallin take their grief and turn it into something that helps so many people. 

They started by taking their unused baby goods to Primary Children’s hospital, then returned every month to donate more to families in need. 

Hannah and Dallin decided they wanted to do something BIG for the holidays. They held an auction and all proceeds went to help families of chronically sick children.

We were able to donate a Plum + Sparrow Moses Basket to the auction. Along with the donations from lots of companies and the amazing people that participated, they were able to make 40 boxes for children at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Look below to read Hannah’s own words about the experience:


They will continue to donate monthly to families in need! If you want to support their cause, Hannah’s Venmo is @hannah-schwendiman-1

We were so grateful to be a small part of this silent auction, and we found so much joy seeing the photos of all the incredible work they did. 

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