Mama's Self Care Sunday// Dianna's Corner

Let’s talk self-care and why it is so important, especially for us mamas.

Now if I’m being completely honest, this is something that I’m still trying to figure out and make a priority In my life personally.

I find it hard to find that time to take care of myself. Between my four children, my husband, the household and Plum+Sparrow (and all that comes along with what I’ve mentioned) it’s hard to squeeze in some me time. That is however, up until now. 

I am making it a personal goal for me to find ways to take care of myself which is why we’re starting "Mama's Self Care Sunday"!

  I will be sharing with you mamas the things I find, learn and try and we will have guest bloggers and mamas who will also share their thoughts and ideas. It's going to be great!

I hope you Mamas will come a long with me on this little journey. My goal is to bring you some helpful and insightful tips.

I want to look into everything from exercise to meditation, diet to indulgences, spa treatments to maybe even a little cosmetic stuff.....Hey what can I say, I might not be to opposed to Botox.

We all have different ways we find and value self care. So No judgement here.

So, let’s go down this journey together and find those little things that help us feel good and take time for ourselves.

 I would love your feedback, your insight and thoughts on what we post! And if you have any ideas, please share! DM us, email us, share what works for you, what doesn't, what you're struggling with. We want to hear it all! 


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