Restock Update: Port Delays

As a small business that requires international shipping to receive our products, we are SO SORRY that restocks have been taking forever! We do our best to keep our product in stock, but waiting for imports from Africa can take some time, especially with shipment delays. I’m sure you’ve heard of plenty of port delays, such as the recent hold-up at the Suez Canal… 

And these port delays have been tough on small businesses! I’m sure we’re not the only ones being impacted. Be sure to continue to support small businesses who have had difficulty staying in stock due to port delays, and shop ‘til you drop once restocks are in for all of your favorite companies!


And don’t worry—a HUGE Plum + Sparrow restock is coming SOON! The first restock of 2022 is sure to blow you out of the water, so keep your eye out and get ready

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xoxo, Dianna 

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