In Praise of the Magic Makers | Christmas Wouldn’t Exist Without YOU

As the festive lights twinkle, elves go on nightly shenanigans, and fresh cookies make their way into tiny tummies, an unmistakable magic accompanies the Christmas season. While many attribute this to the season itself, we know the truth: Christmas wouldn’t be the magical time it is without the tireless, loving efforts of mothers. YOU are the true magic makers of the season – weaving together moments of joy, warmth, and love. Today, we praise you for the countless midnight hours spent making the holidays special for your families.

Mothers are the unsung heroes of Christmas. From decking the halls to wrapping presents late into the night, they do it all, often without fanfare. Their magic lies not just in the big gestures, but in the smallest of details – the special way they add sprinkles to oatmeal, the candy cane farms that grow overnight and the calendar filled with fun activities. Creating traditions to be loved for a small season of time or throughout the years, we know you’re tired, but we want you to know you’re doing a good job. 

So thank you for letting your kids believe in and experience magic. You are making the world a better place by being you and loving your littles in the ways that only you can. Thank you for taking the reins on choosing the perfect gifts, creating pure joy on Christmas morning. Thank you for singing “Jingle Bells” 70,000 times a week. Thank you for letting tiny hands rearrange your trees and for tackling the daunting task of getting family Christmas cards out. 

Give yourself a hand (and maybe a nice relaxing bath) because YOU are the reason Christmas is magical for your family. Here’s to you, the queens of Christmas magic, without whom this season would lack its warmest sparkle. May your holidays be as bright and beautiful as the magic you create.

Merry Christmas, Mama. 

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